Kokedama Workshop                                                

Come make your own kokedama (like the ones we have for sale in our showroom).

Kokedama (literal translation ‘moss ball’) is a style of Japanese bonsai. Plants are grown in a soil ball, covered with moss, and secured with string. Kokedama may be hung or displayed on decorative dishes or pedestals. Choose from a selection of easy care succulents and house plants to make your own kokedama. We’ll help you pick the best plant for your light conditions.

All supplies are provided for you: moss, soil, plants, waxed cord, gloves, etc.

Fee: $22.00 plus the cost of the plant you choose.

Workshop Dates:  Monday, January 15   Time: 11:00 am and 2:00 pm

Saturday, January 20   Time: 11:00 am and 2:00 pm

Please call to reserve your date and time. Seating is limited. 610-264-2131

Organizations: Special arrangements can be made to accommodate your group! 


It’s Not Too Soon to be Thinking about Spring!

Sign up for our Annual Planting Party and get a little dirt under your fingernails.  This is your chance to design and plant your very own 12″ hanging baskets and/or patio pots for spring.  Preview all the best and newest varieties of flowering and accent plants suitable for containers.  We’ll teach you how to combine colors, textures and heights for the most favorable results.  Learn how to care for your plants to maintain them beautifully all summer long.  You do the planting and our staff will water, fertilize, prune, deadhead and otherwise nurture your containers until they are ready for pickup (May 1-21).

Cost is $45.00 for the first container, then $35.00 for each additional container.  Cost includes: containers, soil, fertilizer, water-releasing polymer, your choice of premium starter plants, care tags, maintenance care sheets, all of our labor and more!

Planting dates: Saturday, February 24 @ 10am and 2pm

Tuesday, February 27 @ 11am

Saturday, March 3 @ 10am and 2pm

Tuesday March 6 @ 11am

Space is limited; you must register to attend. Workshop lasts approximately 1½ hours. Join us for some light refreshments and a fun time!

Note: If you have a group of 5 or more people and would like to schedule a different day and time, please contact us at 610-264-2131.



We offer free tours for groups and organizations. You will be invited behind the scenes on a guided tour of our production greenhouses and bulb storage cooler. This is a great opportunity to see everything involved in producing our finished plant products. Please call or contact us here for more information or to schedule a tour time.