Kokedama Workshop                                          

Come make your own kokedama (like the ones we have for sale in our showroom).

Kokedama (literal translation ‘moss ball’) is a style of Japanese bonsai. Plants are grown in a soil ball, covered with moss, and secured with string. Kokedama may be hung or displayed on decorative dishes or pedestals. Choose from a selection of easy care succulents and house plants to make your own kokedama. We’ll help you pick the best plant for your light conditions.

All supplies are provided for you: moss, soil, plants, waxed cord, gloves, etc.

Fee: $24.00 plus the cost of the plant you choose.


Saturday, February 29   Time: 11:00 am

Saturday, March 14  Time: 11:00 am

Please call to reserve your date and time. Seating is limited. 610-264-2131